andamios y escenarios s.l. - SCAFFOLDSYou want to get higher!
We support you to get higher with our creativity, experience and solution expertise. With us you are fully equipped and get a flexible and effective organisation; well-thought-out logistics and a modern planning.

Assuredly well equipped
By staging the main thing for us is security, because your most important capital is working on it: your human resources. Safety regulations are not only fulfilled, but optimised.

Custom-made solutions
Whether a restoration of a church, a new front of a block of flats or a scaffold for works on an industrial complex: we offer custom-made solutions, because of our long experience in business we are well prepared for all kind of given facts.

  • Reconstruction of listed buildings
  • Work on special environmental influences
  • All kinds of scaffolds


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andamios y escenarios s.l.andamios y escenarios s.l.andamios y escenarios s.l.andamios y escenarios s.l.