andamios y escenarios s.l. - TENTSCome in, one and all!
Celebrate an „Oriental Night”, a „White Night Party“ or create your own „Studio 54“ - a tent doesn’t set boundaries! Nothing is as flexible as a tent: the dimensions as well as the complete equipment of a tent can be chosen as desired and targeted to the motto of your party.

Overall service package
We assure, that the catering fits the motto, the climatic requirements answer the expected dress style of the guests, the decoration appeals to the target audience and the background music fits the entertaining programme. The only thing you have to do is looking forward to your event. Therefore we not only offer the tent. You get everything out of one hand!

Our service in detail
From the idea of the event over the planning and organisation to the day we stand by you. Be free to tell us what ever you like, we assure the best solution.

  • Gala tents with classy ambiance
  • Family celebrations in your own garden or anywhere in every weather
  • Special tents for special events
  • Storage and protection tents


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andamios y escenarios s.l.andamios y escenarios s.l.andamios y escenarios s.l.andamios y escenarios s.l.